Four Cold Walls, a visionary online collaborative project led by Midwest musician Michael Czech with the aid of  Argentinian vocalist Romina Gigena, transcends borders with their enigmatic fusion of dark pop, ambient ethereal, prog rock, gothic neoclassical, and darkwave roots. 

 From the UK, drummer Harry Stobart and Venezuelan percussionist Elisa Vargas infuse mesmerizing rhythms, while guest artists from Italy, Nigeria, Australia, Ukraine, and beyond join the global community to create a boundless musical journey celebrating diversity and unity.  All the musicians contributing  record from their own studios. Though they are thousands of miles apart, they interact online with each other as though in the same room. 

 Founder Michael Czech lives sustainably, recording off-grid in a 1987 motorhome, wandering the roads of rural Missouri and more. This unconventional existence weaves authenticity into their sound, making Four Cold Walls a symphony that resonates deep within the souls of listeners, inviting the world on an enthralling sonic exploration where music, nature, and humanity harmonize.    Check out the blog!